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5 Best Cameras Like GoPro: Cheaper Alternatives & Competitors (Reviews)

Looking for a great action camera, but not ready to spend on a premium GoPro? In this post, we’ll look at the five best cameras like GoPro but cheaper. These alternatives are solid – great feature sets and solidly reviewed by hundreds (even thousands) of actual users.

I’ve included two videos for each camera so you can see actual footage and images from these GoPro competitors.

GoPro alternative

5 Best Cameras Like GoPro: Cheaper Alternatives

The GoPro is considered (by many) the best action camera because of its video capabilities, size, weight, and durability. But the cameras on this list can hold their own. Some of them even have features that you won’t find on a GoPro.

Let’s take a look at five cameras like GoPro but cheaper.

Why Consider a GoPro Competitor?

While GoPro has set the standard in quality and features, there are a few reasons you might consider an alternative camera.

  1. Cost: This is a big one. You can get a camera like GoPro for about a quarter of the price of a real one. A $300 camera might just not be in the budget.
  2. Limited use: Or maybe you can’t justify the price because you will only use it a few times a year. You might want a waterproof camera for an upcoming trip, but don’t know when you’ll use it next.

If either of these apply to you, you’re going to love this post.

There are a lot of GoPro alternatives that didn’t make it on our list. The five that did are here because of their price, features, and durability. 

The most popular choice for video capture is 1080p at 60fps. All of the following cameras have this ability. All of these cameras come with assorted mounts, most with remote controls.

Note: None of these cameras are waterproof without waterproof housing (which they all include at no charge). You will ruin your camera if you submerge it without the case.

While I’ve included 5 options, the following camera is my top pick. If you just want the best camera like GoPro – with great features, you should pick up this one.

Top Pick: Best GoPro Alternative

Akaso V50 Pro: Without a doubt, this is the best camera in the GoPro alternative category. It comes fully equipped – with some settings even better than the newest GoPro.

It features 4K/30fps, 20MP photos, and a touchscreen. It also has electronic image stabilization (EIS) and external mic support.

See current price on Amazon

Comes with 2 batteries, charger, waterproof case, remote control, 20+ mounts and accessories.

Best GoPro alternative

5 Best GoPro Alternatives

Here are my picks for the top 5 cameras like GoPro:

  1. Akaso V50 Pro
  2. Campark ACT74
  3. Akaso EK7000
  4. OCLU Action Camera
  5. VTech Kidizoom (for kids)

All of the cameras on this list are cheaper than the GoPro Hero9 Black. Let’s take a closer look at each of these cameras. I’ve included 2 videos for each camera (a review and unboxing video each).

Be sure to watch the videos, they’ll help you get a good idea of the quality and best features of each camera.

1. Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera

Akaso V50 Pro: This is without a doubt, the best camera in the GoPro alternative category. It comes fully equipped – with some settings even better than the newest GoPro.

See current price on Amazon

The image stabilization is crazy good (see video below). This camera is better than many of the previous GoPro models – just the image stabilization makes it on par with the Hero7 Black.

The Akaso V50 Pro features:

  • 4K/30fps
  • 20MP photos
  • 170 degree lens
  • One
  • 2″ LCD touch screen
  • MicroSD card up to 64GB
  • Voice remote and built in WiFi
  • Electronic image stabilization (EIS)
  • External mic support
  • Panasonic 34112 Sensor and iCatch v50 Chipset.
  • Ships with 2 batteries (1100mAh), dual charger, waterproof housing, remote control, 20+ mounts and accessories.


As you probably noticed, this looks nearly identical to a GoPro.

The primary differences include: tripod mount (in-camera), higher resolution photos (20MP) and it ships with a ton of accessories. Plus, it is less than half the price of a camera from GoPro.

Here’s the full video review of the V50 Pro. It includes sample footage and photos.

Full Video Review: Akaso V50 Pro

See current price on Amazon

Out of the action cameras that are GoPro competitors, this is my personal fav. If I was going to go off-brand and get a non-GoPro camera – this would be the one.

Learn more about the Akaso V50 series of cameras in this comparison post.

2. Campark ACT74

Campark ACT74: This is the best rated camera like GoPro. Obviously, the low price is a pretty huge attraction. But the feature set is impressive for a low cost action camera.

See current price on Amazon

The Campark ACT74 features:

  • 4K/30fps (not true 4k, interpolated)
  • 16MP photos
  • 170 degree lens
  • 2″ LCD touch screen
  • MicroSD card up to 32GB
  • Built in WiFi
  • Ships with 2 batteries (900mAh), dual charger, waterproof housing, 18+ mounts and accessories.

It is worth noting that, like many older GoPro Heros, this camera does not have image stabilization. You will definitely notice the shaky footage when hand holding the camera.

I recommend a stable mount (like the UltraClamp) when on a boat or in a vehicle. A clamp mount will keep the footage steady and watchable.

Or if you are on the ground, you can use any tripod. I always travel with a Joby Gorillapod. It’s stable and lightweight.

Curious what the footage is like? Here’s a taste by a traveler to San Andres Islands. His footage reminds me of the quality of the Hero3 cameras – that were released more than 7 years ago by GoPro.

Campark ACT74 Test Footage: 1080 60p

Here’s a video overview of the features and some more sample footage.

Full Video Review: Campark ACT74

See current price on Amazon

With more than 3400 reviews on Amazon, this camera is worth look. It is one of the best-rated cameras in the whole “alternative GoPro” category.

3. Akaso EK7000 4K

Akaso EK7000: This GoPro lookalike shoots in 4K but for a fraction of the price. It even has a 2″ touch LCD screen for changing settings and composition.

See current price on Amazon

The Akaso EK7000 features:

  • 4K/30fps (not true 4k, interpolated)
  • 12MP photos
  • 170 degree lens
  • 2″ LCD touch screen
  • MicroSD card up to 32GB
  • Remote control watch (to start/stop videos) and built in WiFi
  • External mic support
  • Sunplus 6350 CPU and OV4689 Image Sensor
  • Ships with 2 batteries (1050mAh), dual charger, waterproof housing, remote control, 20+ mounts and accessories.

The EK7000 has a newer model, the EK7000 Pro. It has a few upgraded features and for a similar price to the base model. The biggest difference is the new Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS).

This is by Akaso, the same company as my Top Pick. This is worth considering. Once this new model has more time to market, I’ll publish a full review.

Here’s a taste of the footage from the EK7000. In this test, Stan compares the EK7000 (Camera 1) against the older Hero3 (Camera 2).

EK7000 Sample Footage

It is worth noting that this camera does not have image stabilization. To avoid shaky footage when hand holding I recommend a stable mount, like the UltraClamp when on a boat or in a vehicle.

Or if you are on the ground, you can use any tripod. I always travel with a Joby Gorillapod. It’s stable and lightweight.

At 4K resolution, you can shoot at 25fps.

The camera comes with a full set of mounts and accessories (tripod adapters, handlebar mount, adhesive mounts and extra back doors. The Akaso EK7000 works with all the GoPro mounts and accessories.

Control your camera with your mobile device via WiFi, just as you would with a GoPro.

Here’s a video overview of the features and sample footage.

Akaso EK7000 4K Video Review

See current price on Amazon

The Akaso EK7000 has multiple photo shooting modes, including single shot, burst-shot, time lapse, continuous.

This model is the most reviewed model of action camera on Amazon. 

oclu action camera 

4. OCLU Action Camera

oclu action cameraOCLU Action Camera shoots 12 megapixel still photos and up to 4K video at 30fps. It’s even water resistant (IPX7) 1 meter for 30 minutes without additional housing.

With the additional housing (shell), it becomes waterproof to 164 feet (50 meters).

And comes with automatic wind noise control. This is decent for a camera like this. I tested it and the wind reduction worked pretty good. 

One feature I love is that it has a 1/4″ threaded mount for all standard tripod and mounts. It also ships with a small adapter to also fit with the standard action camera mounts (like GoPro). 

Get $100 off the OCLU camera + FREE shipping with code: OCLU100

The OCLU action camera features:

  • 4K/30fps
  • 12MP photos
  • One touch record
  • LiveCut feature for in-camera video editing
  • 150 degree lens
  • LCD screen (not touch) located on top of camera
  • Built in WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Removable 1000 mAh battery
  • Comes with basic image stabilization

I should mention that it doesn’t support an external microphone. Also, from what I can tell, it doesn’t auto correct the horizon, like other cameras. This means that if you film with the camera upside down, the footage will also be upside down. And corrected later in editing.

I want to mention that a few months ago, OCLU sent me a free review unit with accessories to try it out. 

Shop OCLU Camera

oclu action camera

Here’s a video overview of the features.

Video Review OCLU


Over all, this looks like a great camera. It is obviously an entry-level camera, but even so, it has some surprising features.

5. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam (Best for Kids)

VTech Kidizoom: This is a great camera for kids. The focus isn’t on video resolution or premium settings.

Because the resolution is low, it will take forever to fill up the memory card. And the battery last 2.5 hours – the longest of any of these cameras.

Check current price on Amazon

The VTech Kidizoom features:

  • 640 x 480 px resolution (Video)
  • 0.3MP Photos
  • Memory card holds up to 240 minutes of video or 278,400 photos
  • 2.5 hour battery life
  • Ideal age: 4 to 9 years
  • 170 degree lens
  • 1.4″ LCD screen (not touch)
  • MicroSD card up to 32GB
  • Ships with 3 mounts, wrist strap, and waterproof housing.

Shoots video, photo, and time lapse videos (up to 120 images).

I should mention that it doesn’t support an external microphone. And it doesn’t have image stabilization. This is super noticeable in the following video.

Here’s a video overview of the features and sample footage.

Video review of the VTech Kidizoom

And here’s a super cute kid review demonstrating how user friendly this camera really is.

Kids Review of VTech Kidizoom Action Camera

Check current price on Amazon

There are some in-camera features to add frames, overlays and video intros. It comes with 3 games as well.

The camera comes well-reviewed – especially for ease of use. This is obviously, an important feature for a kids camera.

This camera excels outdoor and really struggles in low-light and indoor settings.

Camera like GoPro but cheaper

Learn more about how to zoom with GoPro.

What Will You Do?

Have you decided which camera you’ll get?

Cameras With Higher Resolution than GoPro

Some of the features that got me excited about the cameras on this list are that a few have a higher megapixel photo capture than the GoPro.

  • Akaso V50: Shoots 20MP stills
  • Campark ACT74: Shoots 16MP stills

While all of these models (expect the kids action cam) shoot in “4K” they interpolate that resolution so the quality won’t match a true 4K camera.

GoPro Competitors with the Best Features: Image Stabilization

The biggest improvement over the past year in action cameras is image stabilization.

The only brand in this list to offer Image Stabilization is Akaso. And they have two models.

  1. Akaso V50 Pro: Electronic Image Stabilization. The video above shows how well it works. Impressive for a camera that costs a fraction of a GoPro camera.
  2. Akaso EK7000 Pro: Also has Electronic Image Stabilization.

Both of these models also have LCD touch screens. While all of the models in this post have LCD screens, the touch control feature is an important one, and quite uncommon in these GoPro alternative cameras.

touch screen on GoPro Hero5 Black


4 Additional Camera Accessories

Don’t forget to pick up these additional items when you order your action camera.

  1. MicroSD Card: Forget to order this and you be able to use your camera. All of these cameras accept a 32GB card – a couple will accept a 64GB. My recommendation is to purchase the largest card your camera will read. There’s nothing worse than running out of space on an adventure.
  2. Tripod: I recommend the action cam Gorillapod. It has an integrated ballhead with level – for superfast setup and getting a level horizon. This tripod mounts easily to a tree branch, railing, or table top.
  3. Anti Fog Inserts: Because none of these cameras are waterproof without their waterproof case, you’ll need some anti fog inserts. These inserts absorb humidity inside of the case – keeping it off the lens. Here’s more about eliminating lens fog.
  4. Clamp Mount: This isn’t required, but you’ll be happy you have it. This is the most stable mount I’ve ever used. Just clamp the UltraClamp to a table top, hand rail, sign post, or the top of a double decker bus. It will give you stable footage and keep your camera safe.

Camera like GoPro

Still thinking about getting a GoPro? You might want to check out our GoPro comparison guide and chart. We compare all models, features, and differences.

Your Turn

Will you go with one of the cameras like GoPro but cheaper on this list? Or maybe you already have one, please let us know what you think by commenting on this post.

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Mike Atencio

Saturday 22nd of May 2021

So probably a dumb question but I want to try my hand at documentaries. Setting a bunch of DSLRs camcorders is a little intimidating for the average person being asked questions. I was thinking the low price = more cameras, and smaller cameras mean less intimidation for the person I'm interviewing. But are these a good choice for 4K documentary filming? I want three or four cameras to capture everything during the interviews and during my story telling on locations. For example, my family started in Salem, Mass. That would be a cool doc to make blending history with witchcraft, the public's opinions, some professors et al.

Which camera do you recommend if any, and why? Thanks

Abdul Wali

Sunday 2nd of August 2020

Great list Dena. I have been a GoPro user for last 4 years and recently I purchased Akaso V50 Pro which is a nice addition to my gear. GoPro alternatives are coming to market very rapidly and it's great for the end user to compare these action cameras. Thanks!


Wednesday 18th of December 2019

Do any of the cameras have a waterproof remote control? I want to put it in my wrist while kitesurfing. Thanx


Wednesday 12th of June 2019

Olá, parabéns pelo artigo. Para uso amador, boas fotos e debaixo d'água, qual câmera você acha que é melhor? Akaso V50 Pro ou Thieye T5 Edge? Obrigado


Monday 11th of February 2019

Would you pick the Akaso V50 Pro over the Akaso V50 Elite?

Bryan Haines

Tuesday 14th of May 2019

For me, I would choose the camera with the best set of features - the V50 Elite. It isn't much more money, and it shoots 4K/60fps (double the Pro rate). And it is waterproof rated for 40M (compared to 30M).