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GoPro Charging Cables: All Model Guide (USB Cable for Data/Power)

Over the years, GoPro has used three types of USB cables: USB-C, Micro USB, and Mini USB. If you’re wondering what GoPro charging cable you need, this post will help. We’ll also cover, what kind of charger does a GoPro use?

In this post, you’ll also learn about HDMI cables and accessories for direct viewing your footage. And what cable is needed to charge your GoPro remote. Plus the data rate for each USB cable.

gopro charging cable

GoPro Charging Cables: 3 Types

Here are the specific cables for every GoPro camera and remote. Here’s more about charging your GoPro.

USB-C Cables (Newer GoPro Cameras)

Here are the GoPro cameras that use a USB-C cable for charging and data transfer.

Need a replacement USB cable? Check out this USB-C to USB-A cable. Or this USB-C to USB-C cable.

  • Hero11 Black
  • Hero10 Black
  • Hero9 Black
  • Hero8 Black
  • GoPro Max
  • Hero7 Black, White, Silver
  • Hero (2018)
  • GoPro Fusion
  • Hero6 Black
  • Hero5 Black
  • Hero5 Session

Can I use a USB-C to USB-C cable for my GoPro? For the above models, for sure. All the newer GoPro cameras use USB-C for charging and data transfer.

This is convenient because newer computers (laptops and desktops) also have USB-A and USB-C ports. And the data transfer rate is much faster with a USB-C connection. See more below.

A few months ago, I built a custom desktop. It came with seven USB-A and one USB-C port. Macbooks charge via USB-C ports, as do new iPhone chargers.

I recently purchased a USB charger for my older Toyota (and has no built-in USB chargers). It is a fast-charging adapter with both USB-A and USB-C ports.

Curious about the differences between all GoPro cameras? Check out our thorough GoPro Comparison Guide. It compares all 21 models and 29 differences.

Micro USB Cables (Older Session Cameras)

Here are the GoPro cameras that use Micro-USB-B cable.

  • Hero Session
  • Hero4 Session

Mini-USB Cables (Vintage GoPro Cameras)

Here are the specific GoPro cameras that use the Mini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin) cable. As you’ll notice, these are vintage models.

  • Hero+ (Hero Plus)
  • Hero+ LCD
  • Hero4 Black
  • Hero4 Silver
  • Hero (2014)
  • Hero3+ Black
  • Hero3+ Silver
  • Hero3 Black
  • Hero3 Silver
  • Hero3 White

Charging Cables for All GoPro Models (Chart)

GoPro CameraCharging PortMax Power DeliveryMax Data Speed
Hero11 BlackUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero10 BlackUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero9 BlackUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero8 BlackUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
GoPro MaxUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero7 BlackUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero7 SilverUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero7 WhiteUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero (2018)USB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
GoPro FusionUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero6 BlackUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero5 BlackUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero5 SessionUSB-C3 Amps (5V)40 Gbit/s
Hero SessionMicro-USB B2 Amps (5V)10 Gbit/s
Hero4 SessionMicro-USB B2 Amps (5V)10 Gbit/s
Hero+ (Hero Plus)Mini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero+ LCDMini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero4 BlackMini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero4 SilverMini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero (2014)Mini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero3+ BlackMini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero3+ SilverMini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero3 BlackMini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero3 SilverMini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
Hero3 WhiteMini-USB (Mini-B 5 Pin)1 Amp (5V)1.5 Mbit/s
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What About Charging Cables for GoPro Remotes?

The latest remote uses a USB-C cable, just like the latest camera.

Here are all the remotes made by GoPro, ordered from newest to oldest.

The three older models have been discontinued by GoPro. You still might find them on Amazon or eBay, if you wanted a vintage remote.

the remote gopro cable
The Remote, shown with USB-C cable
gopro smart remote charging cable
Smart Remote, shown with their proprietary charge cable

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Why Does GoPro Change the Cables?

As technology progresses, newer cables offer faster charging and data transfer.

While it might feel frustrating at first, GoPro changes its cables to give the best user experience. And they include a cable with each purchase – so it isn’t a big deal either way.

Data Rate for USB Cables

Here are the speed differences between the three types of GoPro cables.

  • USB-C: 40 Gbit/s (SuperSpeed+, Thunderbolt 3 and 4)
  • Micro-USB: 10 Gbit/s (SuperSpeed+)
  • Mini-USB: 1.5 Mbit/s (Low Speed), 12 Mbit/s (Full Speed), 480 Mbit/s (High Speed)
gopro charger

USB-C Specs

USB-C was released in August 2014. And it is becoming the standard for higher-end technology. You’ll find this in phones, headphones, MacBooks, and cameras.

USB-C cables support power currents of 1.5 A and 3.0 A via the 5 V power bus. They can have either a USB-A or USB-C plug on the other end.,

Micro USB Specs

Micro-USB cables were released in January 2007.

Mini USB Specs

Mini-USB cables were released in April 2000. You won’t find a new product with a Mini-USB port. They are still technically supported but aren’t On-The-Go compliant.

  • With the release of USB 3.0 in 2008, Mini USB (A and B) was deprecated.
  • With the release of USB 3.2 in 2017, Micro USB (A, B, AB) was deprecated.
gopro charging cord

GoPro HDMI Cables

What HDMI cable do I need for my GoPro camera? Every GoPro camera requires a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable.

These cables do not ship with your GoPro camera. You’ll need to pick one up on your own.

If you are going to be connecting your GoPro to your computer, a short HDMI cable will be fine. But trust me, if you’re connecting to your TV, you’ll want a longer cable. This 10 foot one should do the trick.

Which GoPro cameras connect via HDMI?

  1. Hero4 Black: built in Micro HDMI port
  2. Hero5 Black: built in Micro HDMI port
  3. Hero6 Black: built in Micro HDMI port
  4. Hero7 Black: built in Micro HDMI port
  5. Hero8 Black: Doesn’t have HDMI port. You’ll require the MediaMod for Hero8 cameras, which has a Micro HDMI port.
  6. Hero9 Black / Hero10 Black: Doesn’t have HDMI port. You’ll require the MediaMod (Hero9, Hero10), which has a Micro HDMI port.
  7. Hero11 Black: Doesn’t have an HDMI port. You’ll require the MediaMod which has a Micro HDMI port.

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gopro charging cables

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