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GoPro HDMI: Guide to All Models, Output, Cables (7 Things to Know)

Want to watch your GoPro footage on your television? Which GoPro cameras have an HDMI output? In this GoPro HDMI guide, you’ll learn which cameras come with HDMI ports, which ones can be added, and which HDMI cable you’ll need.

gopro hdmi

Which GoPro Cameras Have HDMI Out?

Which GoPro cameras connect via HDMI? Basically, you can connect any GoPro model that has a micro HDMI output.

These include the numbered Hero Black models: Hero4 Black through Hero7 Black. Plus the newer models can connect to HDMI, with an additional accessory.

Here are the details:

  1. Hero11 Black: Please note that the Hero11 Black does not come with a micro HDMI output. For this function, you’ll need to purchase the Media Mod.
  2. Hero10 Black: Please note that the Hero10 Black does not come with a micro HDMI output. For this function, you’ll need to purchase the Media Mod.
  3. Hero9 Black: Please note that the Hero9 Black does not come with a micro HDMI output. For this function, you’ll need to purchase the Media Mod.
  4. Hero8 Black: Please note that the Hero8 Black does not come with a micro HDMI output. For this function, you’ll need to purchase the Media Mod.
  5. Hero7 Black
  6. Hero6 Black
  7. Hero5 Black
  8. Hero4 Black

The newer GoPro cameras (Hero11, Hero10, Hero9, Hero8) don’t ship with a micro HDMI output. You’ll need to pick up the corresponding Media Mod for your model. 

gopro hdmi media mod
Media Mod for Hero10 Black

Which Media Mod Do I Need for My GoPro?

There are two versions of the Media Mod. Here is the correct Media Mod for your GoPro camera.

  • Hero11, Hero10, and Hero9 Cameras: BLDT1 (ADFMD-01) This Media Mod works with the Hero11, Hero10, and Hero9 cameras. It has two cold-shoe mounts (top and right) for lights, mics, and screens. It has a 3.5mm mic port, and micro HDMI-out port for connecting to a television. The removable mic cover helps improve audio in winds up to 20 mph (32 kph).
  • Hero8 Camera: (AJFMD-001) This Media Mod ships with basically the same features as the new model. The only difference is that it doesn’t ship with the foam mic cover. And it only works on the Hero8 Black.

Make sure to double-check which Media Mod you’re ordering. The two models aren’t interchangeable between GoPro cameras.

Which GoPro Cameras Can’t Connect via HDMI?

Here are the GoPro models that don’t have an HDMI port. And they don’t have a corresponding Media Mod to provide this option.

  • GoPro Max
  • Hero7 Silver and White 
  • GoPro Fusion
  • Hero5 Session 
  • Hero4 Silver
  • Hero4 Session
  • Hero3+ Black 
  • Hero3 Silver
  • Hero (2018) 
  • Hero+ 
  • Hero+ LCD 
  • Hero 
  • Hero3+ Silver 
  • Hero3 White

So while you can’t connect these models via an HDMI cable, you can still connect your GoPro to a tv with these 4 methods.

gopro hdmi cable

GoPro HDMI Cables

What HDMI cable do I need for my GoPro camera? Every GoPro camera requires a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable.

What HDMI Output do GoPro Cameras Use?

All GoPro cameras with HDMI-out ports all use micro HDMI cables. All Media Mod accessories (for Hero8, Hero9, and Hero10) also have micro HDMI output ports.

Learn more about GoPro charging cables.

Common GoPro HDMI Questions

Does GoPro Max have HDMI Out?

The Max doesn’t have an HDMI out port. So to view your footage on a television, you’ll have to copy your files to a USB flash drive or memory card. Or you could screencast your footage using Google Cast or Apple AirPlay.

Does GoPro Hero8 have HDMI Out?

The GoPro Hero8 Black doesn’t have a built-in HDMI-out. To connect your Hero8 via HDMI, you’ll need the Media Mod for Hero8. This add-on also provides a mic upgrade and two cold-shoe mounts.

Does the New GoPro Have HDMI Out?

Hero11, Hero10, and Hero9 cameras can connect to HDMI if you purchase the additional Media Mod. Without the Media Mod, you cannot connect the new GoPro cameras via HDMI.

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gopro hdmi out
Hero7 Black is pictured with Micro-HDMI out and USB-C charging ports.

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Your Turn

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